Specialty Cleaning

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Image showing winter boots from different sides. Nice boots to keep feet warm in the winter.


Leather & Suede

After years of service Sew Perfect Alterations knows specialty cleaning. If you are looking to revitalize your leather jackets, suede vests, Uggs or fur coats  we offer a professional cleaning service that leaves them looking like new.

No other material can match the durability, comfort and warmth of leather.  It pays to keep it in perfect condition with regular repairs and cleaning. The cleaning process puts oils and moisture back into the fibres,  keeping them strong and pliable.

We finish the process with water proofing to help prevent stains and dirt from getting back in. Just remember, as leathers, suedes and pelts age more frequent cleaning extends their life.


Wedding Dress – Cleaning, Pressing, Preservation

On top of our famous quality alterations and redesigns Sew Perfect Alterations offers full press and cleaning service as well as a press-only service. With so many garments being purchased online there is greater need then ever for professional cleaning and pressing services before your wedding. We take great care to make sure your dress is spotlessly clean and absolutely wrinkle free. Special forms are used to assure your dress is camera ready when you need it. 

After your big day just remember that this wonderful investment you have can be preserved. Our preservation package keeps your silks and fine lace looking like new. Once the dress is cleaned and pressed it is placed in an air tight window box and all the oxygen is removed. The result is a perfectly preserved dress. No yellowing silk. No damaged lace. No missing pieces. Your dress is ready for its next starring role.


Furs, Faute Fur, Shearlings

Many fur customers love that we can repair, alter, clean and store these valuable garments all from our one location. Whether it is natural or simulated fur these garments will last for many years if they are cared for properly. Linings, pocket repairs, hook replacements, redesigns, alterations, you can count us to keep you looking good in your garment. Visit Sew Perfect Alterations to begin you lifelong partnership.