Red and black leather jackets with metallic zipper and buttons. Man and woman concept. Detailed closeup view.
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Nothing is more unforgiving than sewing and repairing leather jackets, skirts and pants. Suedes, shearlings, sheepskin, oilskin – we do it all. Our experience and knowledge will make your repairs and alterations trouble free. We can provide complete services – from replacing pockets and linings to removing shoulder pads and redesigning. Come see us today. Your leathers are too expensive to leave in the closet simply because they are damaged, out of style or in need of resizing.

Sew Perfect has become a favourite shop for riding clubs and enthusiasts. Adding badges. Shortening sleeves and redoing vests and coats. Replacing zippers, snaps and buttons. I will keep your gear looking as good (or “bad”) as you want it to look. So the next riding trip you go on will have you looking as good as your machine.

Suede and Shearlings

The beautiful softness of suede has for centuries excited fashion designers and customers but they do take a great deal of care to maintain. Many of my clients count on Sew Perfect to keep their pants, skirts and shoes looking their best. Repairs. Linings. Cleaning and redesigns. Suede needs the kind of fittings and tailoring that only specialized shops like mine can provide. Your garments are too expensive, and precious, to trust to a cleaner or inexperienced sewer. Trust me to keep them looking perfect.

Sheepskin and Specialty Wear

Canada is one of the few places where sheepskin is not a fashion accessory. It is practical. Durable. Warm and weather resistant, but it is heavy and bulky to repair and keep looking its best. If you need help sizing or finishing your sheepskin drop in anytime. You don’t need an appointment. I’ll make sure your buttons, collars and pockets always look as good as the rest of your coat. And if any of your specialty gear like hunting, riding and outdoor garments need help bring them along. You will look better, very soon.

Leather & Suede Repairs, Complete Restyling

  • New Coat and Jacket Relining
  • Complete riding and leather
  • sporting apparel repair and alterations
  • Leather glove and bags repairs
  • Complete Leather and Suede cleaning, re-dying and restoration.