Prom & Grad

Sew Perfect Alterations will help you have the best Prom or Grad, and it’s all about the dress, the fit, the look. Prom is an exciting time for everyone. The designs. The colours. The fabrics. There are very few events that will match proms and grads for the shear explosion of creativity – and Sew Perfect will help make your day memorable. Perfect.

For many this will be their first experience with formal gowns. Classic, flattering designs that bring out your personality, is a start. And, getting an early start with Sew Perfect is another key. We recommend you bring your ideas or dresses in as early as possible to assure everything you want done can be done. An early start means a more relaxed, enjoyable experience. A chance to add special touches or afterthoughts.

If there is a partner joining you don’t forget to bring them along. Getting accent pieces for each other can add a great new dimension to your event.

Dress Hems and Early Planning

Getting the right hem length for you takes the skilled eye of a designer and the patient skill of an experienced seamstress. You only get one chance to get it right. Dress position, posture – we  make sure everything is exactly right before cutting. Before you come for your fitting remember to bring all your undergarments. That means shoes, bra and any foundation garments.

It can’t be stressed enough, coming to Sew Perfect early is the best first step you can take.  We can confirm that all the alterations you were planning are possible, and it allows for multiple fittings, pressing or cleaning to be done without time pressures. When your dress is completed early  you will feel the difference. Suddenly the event becomes more exciting and fun. The way it is supposed to feel.