Young dark-haired woman in black fur coat

Getting to most out of your Furs

After years of experience Sew Perfect Alterations knows how to care for your major investment. Fur coats, throws, and specialty items, they all need the expert care you will come to expect from Sew Perfect. Each fur type has its own unique texture and handling requirements. Garment construction, age, on-going care, all have a bearing on how we proceed with redesigns, repairs, cleaning and storage. This is why so much care is given a regular schedule of cleaning, repairs and storage.

The uniqueness of Fur

Unlike other garments furs need special care all year long. Clasps, hooks, pockets, pelt seams, cuffs, collars, cleaning, storage – they all take ongoing attention and care. Often the shear weight of the coat can put stress on pressure points that are damaged without you knowing it. If your coat hasn’t been looked at in a while just drop in. I am always happy to check things over with you. And I should point out that a good time to do that is just as the cold season is over. There is usually a sale on that includes cleaning and storage.

Legacy gifts from older Furs

Many owners consider legacy gifts to convert furs to throws, pillows, and fur stockings and trims. Children or grand-children love to receive a piece of something that special person in their life has made for them or given them. Bring your coat in today and we can plan the best course of action. What a wonderful way to leave a lasting reminder of their’s, and your, personal history.

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