Emotional bride and bridesmaids are talking and smiling.


Bridal Gown – Wedding Gown Perfection

When your Bridal party’s clothes fit just right they feel so good  –  they literally make everyone feel their best. It seems like such a minor item but it makes a big difference.  That’s what I strive for – the moment a big smile comes on someone’s face and they say, “That’s it, it feels perfect!” And that’s how it starts with the Bride. The Bride, the dress, they are the visual focal point of the wedding. Making you feel and look your best sets the stage for the event in your  wedding.  Your day.

If the fit and feel is missing the dress or suit will never look its best. That’s why I always deliver “factory-showroom” finishing and fit.

Starting Your Plans

It is always best to contact us as soon as possible to discuss all the work needed for your event. The gown. The bridesmaids. The groom. Parents. Everyone wants to look their best. Talk to us about how we can help. And remember to plan for preserving your wedding gown — for the next bride in your family.

We can help you with: Alterations, Restyling, Tailoring, Cleaning, Preserving, Repairs, Fittings, Pressings & Accessories.