Locations Served

Sew Perfect Alterations, located in Uxbridge, Ontario has customers from locations throughout Ontario:

Aurora   Aurora, On   Aurora, Ontario

Ajax    Ajax, On     Ajax, Ontario.
Bowmanville   Bowmanville, On    Bowmanville, Ontario.
Cannington   Cannington, On    Cannington, Ontario.
East Gwillimbury   East Gwillimbury, ON    East Gwillimbury, Ontario.
Georgina   Georgina, On   Georgina, Ontario.
Goodwood   Goodwood, On    Goodwood, Ontario.
Jackson’s Point   Jackson’s Point, On   Jackson’s Point, Ontario.
Keswick   Keswick, On    Keswick, Ontario.
Leaskdale    Leaskdale, On   Leaskdale, Ontario.
Lindsay   Lindsay, On    Lindsay, Ontario.
Markham    Markham, On   Markham, Ontario.
Mt Albert  Mt Albert, On   Mt Albert, Ontario  Mount Albert.
Newmarket   Newmarket, On    Newmarket, Ontario.
Oshawa   Oshawa, ON    Oshawa, Ontario.
Pefferlaw    Pefferlaw, On    Pefferlaw, Ontario.
Peterborough   Peterborough, On    Peterborough, Ontario.
Pickering   Pickering, On    Pickering, Ontario.
Port Perry    Port Perry, On    Port Perry, Ontario.
Queensville   Queensville, On    Queensville, Ontario.
Scarborough    Scarborough, On    Scarborough, Ontario.
Stouffville     Stouffville, On    Stouffville, Ontario.
Scugog    Scugog, On    Scugog, Ontario.

Sharon    Sharon, On    Sharon, Ontario.
Sunderland    Sunderland, On    Sunderland, Ontario.
Sutton   Sutton, On    Sutton, Ontario.
Toronto   Toronto, On    Toronto, Ontario.
Udora   Udora, On   Udora, Ontario.
Uxbridge   Uxbridge, On   Uxbridge, Ontario.
Whitby   Whitby, On   Whitby, Ontario.

Durham Region    York Region

If your town isn’t there, we look forward to adding it to the list!